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Hi, I'm Katt Wagner.

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Get behind-the-scenes insights on the brand, marketing, and copywriting strategies I’ve used to help thousands of people grow their businesses.

Popular Services

These are my most-booked services recently (probably because they are turnkey!)
Audit my marketing piece and give me expert feeedback - consulting service with katt wagner

Audit My Marketing!

(Turnkey) Submit a marketing piece for analysis and get suggested copy & design edits - plus ideas for further use cases - within 48 business hours.

Copywriting improvement with copyediting services

Copy editing

(Turnkey) Submit a webpage, email, blog post, or mail piece. I'll return suggested edits within 48 business hours.

SERVICE content ideas with target keyword list

Keyword & Content Plan

(Turnkey) Fill out a questionnaire and I'll return a list of short and longtail keywords + content ideas in 48 business hours.

Q&A by Email

Want quick advice? Ask me a question and I'll provide guidance and coaching through a personalized email reply.

Notable mentions: 30-minute and 60-minute consultations, custom design, website audit, YouTube optimization, and LinkedIn bio optimization.

Why the hybrid approach?

I often see companies – even experienced marketing agencies – with:

  • SEO doing X
  • Print doing Y
  • Social doing Z

And it might work, but it could be working so much better for the same effort or less.

If you catch enough of my content, you’ll hear me talk about why this is. In short: you can get significantly more mileage with a hybrid marketing strategy.

Why Work With Me


I've learned through action how to do effective work


I've bootstrapped in zero-resource environments


I'll tell you when something is unrealistic


...I read news releases and changelogs for fun😅

A sampler platter of recent work

Though you’re more than welcome to hop over to my services page for a list of my skills and expertise, here’s some bite-size proof of work.

P.S. I also built the site you’re looking at from scratch!

Client Testimonials

"Katt is an amazing coach/consultant. I'm just blown away. If you haven't reached out to her yet, you're missing out.
Michael Lund
"Over 80% of the traffic and sales were from organic or direct traffic as a result of our inbound strategy and Katt was the core of that strategy... I can attribute around $2.4MM in annual revenue to that inbound strategy."
All The Leads
"If you’re reading this I’m excited for you. That means you’ve met Katt Wagner and have an opportunity to work with her and you could be a short distance from a growth result that won’t happen immediately, but will be real and sustainable."
Chad Corbett probate headshot
Chad Corbett

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As part of my Brand Hacking initiative, I write articles and how-to guides to share key marketing information with more people.