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Marketing with Katt Wagner

Hybrid Marketing Solutions for Small Business

“Helping businesses go from underdog to top dog in their market is an unbeatable feeling‘”

— Katt Wagner


There’s nothing like seeing a business owner go from ‘just starting out’ to ‘killing it!'”

That is my purpose.

I ignite business growth through comprehensive social + SEO strategies, creative content development, and strategic consulting, so businesses can break through the noise, connect effectively with their target audience, and consistently achieve their growth ambitions. My approach helps people go from an idea to an unbeatable brand identity, with a clear marketing strategy that resonates seamlessly both online and within their local communities.

Collaboratively, we can build a solid foundation for your business and leave a lasting impression in the ever-evolving marketplace.


Katt, the Marketer

Strategy & Growth Specialist

My specialization is helping individuals and small teams build their brand presence from the ground up and break into new marketing channels.

From brand names to keyword research to content strategy, I’ve helped:

  1. Influencers scale to audiences of 10,000+
  2. Entertainers go from small events to sold out arena venues
  3. 5000+ real estate agents embrace niche specialization
  4. Restaurants double their foot traffic
  5. YouTube creators triple their growth
  6. Successful businesses scale by branching into new marketing channels

With my background as a marketing director for small teams and start-ups, I have the skillset and experience to direct aspiring brands and businesses towards tangible and practical growth.

The Brand Hacking Project

In addition to my dedicated consulting services, I started Brand Hacking as a passion project. This pro bono educational endeavor allows me to share my knowledge and insights with anyone eager to decode and master the intricacies of the digital realm. ‘Brand Hacking’ stands as a testament to my dedication to promoting business growth, emphasizing that resourcefulness, perseverance, and the right guidance can lead to success, regardless of the initial resources at one’s disposal.


Here’s an introduction to how I can help you:

Coaching & Consulting

Unlock your business’s potential with strategic guidance, revision ideas, and performance optimization.

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Captivate your audience and drive conversions with persuasive and engaging copy.

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Enhance your marketing with impactful and strategic content. See how my marketing services can help your business.

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Strategy & Accounability
Coaching & Consulting

Unlock your business’s true potential with personalized coaching and expert consulting services. Gain valuable insights, refine your strategies, and elevate your performance to achieve remarkable growth.

Let’s craft a captivating brand identity that deeply resonates with your target audience. Through meticulous analysis and strategic guidance, I collaborate with you to uncover the essence of your brand, define your unique story, and differentiate yourself in the market. Together, we create a compelling brand identity that leaves a lasting impression and builds meaningful connections with your customers.

Elevate your business strategy with personalized coaching and expert consulting. By delving into your unique challenges and goals, I provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to optimize your approach. Let’s identify growth opportunities, analyze market dynamics, and develop a solid roadmap that gets you working on the areas that will have the greatest impact for your business.

Supercharge your business with expert marketing strategy guidance. Together, we’ll dive deep into your business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape and unlock a marketing strategy that sets you apart. I’ll provide actionable insights and practical recommendations to optimize your marketing efforts, establish a strong brand presence, and maximize your ROI. Let’s start doing marketing that works.

If you’ve already gotten the ball rolling, but aren’t sure how to pick up speed, I’ve got your back. I’ll identify areas for improvement through streamlining and crossover to make your existing efforts go the extra mile. Let’s unlock your business’s full potential and achieve exceptional results.

Messaging & Presentation
Copywriting Services

Captivate your audience and motivate action with compelling and persuasive copy. My experience in UX design ensures messaging and elements work together to get your audience to take action, wherever they see your message. Moreover, my experience in building businesses through content has allowed me to develop a unique hybrid approach to social media and SEO writing. This means I can craft copy that’s highly shareable and loved by search engines.

Drive immediate action and generate compelling responses with expertly crafted direct response copy. From sales letters to email campaigns, I create persuasive messages that engage your audience to take action.

Boost your online reach and organic search rankings with SEO-optimized copywriting. I create captivating content infused with relevant keywords and strategic optimization techniques to enhance your website’s visibility and attract qualified traffic. 

Ignite engagement and build a thriving social media presence with captivating and shareable copy. I specialize in creating attention-grabbing social media posts and compelling captions that resonate with your audience, spark conversations, and drive social media growth. By crafting content that captivates and encourages sharing, I help your brand extend its reach and amplify its online presence.

P.S. If you’re also consulting or contracting with me to create SEO content, you’ll get the added benefit of having highly-shareable elements incorporated into your blog content. This synergy between social media and SEO ensures that your blog posts not only rank well in search engines but also have the potential to go viral and attract a wider audience through social sharing. Let’s maximize the impact of your content across platforms and fuel your business growth.

Harness the power of storytelling to captivate your audience and inspire action. Through compelling narratives and persuasive storytelling techniques, I craft copy that evokes emotions, connects with your target audience, and drives meaningful engagement and conversions.

Whether you’re looking for from-scratch writing or to improve something you already have, I can help it come to life.

Whether you want to refresh your whole channel or get keyword-optimized titles and descriptions before publishing, I can help.

Through consulting and contract work, I’ve helped more than a dozen creators reach 1000+ subscribers, made YouTube a sizeable referral source for web traffic and sales conversions, and tallied measurable growth in KPIs week over week.

Doing, and Done.
Marketing Services

As someone that knows and loves the startup hustle and grind, I excel at guiding entrepreneurs through the early stages of their business journey and in launching new marketing campaigns to complement what’s already working. My comprehensive marketing services focus on establishing a strong foundation and self-sustaining campaigns that drive growth. Once your startup has successfully launched and gained traction, I’m ready to pivot to a new project, bringing my expertise and passion to the next exciting venture.

Develop a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience. I’ll work closely with you to create a brand kit that includes key elements such as logo design, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines. My favorite part about this is that you can easily forward your brand kit to anyone you collaborate with in the future – talk about streamlined!

Kickstart your online presence with professional set-up services. From creating engaging social media profiles to crafting persuasive copy for online communities, I ensure your brand’s voice is consistent and impactful across all social platforms.

If you’re someone that has no clue how to write a LinkedIn bio or brand a Facebook Group, this is for you. I can also work with your in-house designer or help you start from scratch to create a cohesive experience across your social channels and your website.

I provide comprehensive content writing services tailored to new businesses and brands looking to get their website on the map. From conducting keyword research to crafting engaging web copy and handling initial content publishing, I ensure your brand’s messaging is compelling, optimized for search engines, and aligned with your target audience. Let’s create content that resonates and drives meaningful connections with your customers.

If you’re someone that’s not sure how to put the meat-and-bones on your website, this is for you. Plus, if you still haven’t set up your website, I can help handle that step.

Jumpstart your social media growth and online community engagement. I’ll help you create engaging content, implement effective strategies to grow your followers, and foster an active and thriving online community around your brand.

If your social channel, newsletter, or mailing list seem stuck at 0mph, this is for you.

I enjoy taking on projects to design marketing pieces from scratch, including:

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Profile Banners
  • Thumbnails
  • Video Intros/Outros
  • Webpages (WordPress + Wix)
  • Blog Posts
  • Brochures
  • Guides + E-Books
  • Courses
Though I am a copywriter first and foremost, I have become proficient in marketing design and have years of experience working with templates and blank canvases. This will not be your typical design service with generic and cheesy copy – You will receive an output that has applied expert design and copywriting principles. Whether you need a from-scratch design or a marketing makeover for an existing asset, this is for you.

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