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Buying a business - What to do with 2nd website, Google Business Profile, and Reviews

31 Tips For Combining Brands and Merging Websites After Buying A Business

The decision to merge websites and start combining brands is a necessary one to make when you buy a business that competes with one you already own. How should you deal with a second Google Business Profile (GBP), website, brand, and customer list after buying a competitor’s business? I’ve compiled a list of what 31 business and SEO experts had to say.

This food-for-thought experiment started when Nolan Gore posed a question to entrepreneurs on Twitter.

Watch this segment as part of weekly marketing news:

Watch the segment on Merging Brands After Buying a Business

Because Nolan is buying a business that competes with his own, there will be two separate Google Business Profile listings with split reviews and two websites. So, he asked some of the best in business for advice on whether they would merge websites and what they would do with the Google Business Profile.

Here is the original post:

Top Tips and Advice to Merge Websites, Google Business Profiles and Start Combining Brands

Here are tips and advice from others summarized. To read the full tweet/post for each piece of advice, click the handle to jump to what they said.

1. Leave digital assets and GBP up for visibility.

Rich Jordan | @StrongpointRich

2. Rebrand the acquired outfit’s website immediately.

Tony Taylor | @tonytaylors

3. Keep and run the acquired brand separately.

Chris Sosnowski | @chrisosnowski

4. Use a virtual phone system to forward calls to your main number.

Steve Porter | @StevePorter37

5. Consider the potential turbulence of a full rebrand.

Blueprintsmb | @blueprintsmb22

6. Gradually align the two brands and recommend your original business.

Mr. May | @Myirha_Mzondi

7. Keep both sites open and track business from each.

XXXXX | @Birdman5541

8. Keep both brands and change the phone number to route calls to your business.

DontscalebizGuy | @DontscalebizGuy

9. Keep both brands and consolidate inbound traffic.

Dr. Parth | @doctor_parth

10. Leave digital properties separate, forward phones and emails.

Joel Milne | @joelmilne

11. Don’t merge google business profiles: change only the phone number to forward calls.

Eric Vevang | @EricVevang

12. Keep the acquired Google profile and website.

Mike 🌱 | @mikemcln

13. 301 redirect the acquired site to a page announcing the acquisition.

Cole South | @ColeSouth

14. Lead all inbound to one team initially.

Levi | @levitijerina

15. From an SEO perspective, don’t change anything immediately.

Patrick Gallagher | @gridpane

16. Keep both brands running with a new tagline.

Héyaw | @Heyawneh

17. Keep both brands, roll up operations and back office.

Mike Hauptman | @HauptmanMichael

18. Keep the acquired brand for a period and slowly transition.

Joey Martin Offićial | @jmarteen

19. If the new site doesn’t rank very well redirect it all.

Dan Wolfe | @danthewolfe

20. Decide on redirect based on the ranking of both sites.

Matthew Binzer | @matthewbinzer

21. Keep both, RE direct after year 1, or differentiate for different segments.

Alan K | @itsalankline

22. Keep them as separate brands, unify the backend.

Dan Goldstein | @daniellgoldstei

23. Keep both brands to set a market price for quality.

SHΞRKHAN.S◎L | @sherkhantx

24. Keep both brands for diversified reach.

Jesse Cunningham V | @jcunninghamseo

25. Be #1, 2, and 3 on Google for better visibility.

Chadd G | @Twenty7Trades

26. Update the GMB name, have 2 locations for increased search density.

Bogdan Constantin | @bconstantin

27. Retain all assets, create an integration strategy.

David Crysler | @DavidCrysler

28. Differentiate products and target segments with two brands.

Screenshot of a tweet with advice on combining brands when buying a business. The advice is to keep the separate to target different market segments.

Tomris Dilhun | @buyukraslanti

29. Redirect the acquired website to yours.

Chris Stephenson | @TopherNOW

30. Put a post on their home page saying we now operate under a new brand and link to the new site.

Consentuality | @consentuality

31. Build a second homepage announcing the change.

Alejandro A. | @crossborder_AA

Alright, folks, we’ve got a mix of strategies here for the acquisition rodeo. I’ve spilled the tea, now spill yours! What would you do? What kind of data would you look at to make your decision?

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