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New LinkedIn Algorithm Updates: The #1 Growth Tip Won’t Work Anymore!

How the LinkedIn algorithm works and what the new updates mean for growth on the platform.

LinkedIn’s latest algorithm updates in 2023 mark a paradigm shift for content creators on the platform. More than ever, LinkedIn is prioritizing insightful, knowledgeable content while discouraging the pursuit of virality. Let’s peel back the “why” and “what” of these updates and explore ways to adapt your LinkedIn strategy for growth.

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What’s LinkedIn User Engagement like in 2023?

As LinkedIn continues to grow, engagement rates are soaring. A year-on-year increase of 42% in content shared and a 27% increase in content viewed shows professionals are more engaged on the platform than ever before. There’s never been a better time to build your professional network on a social platform than right now on LinkedIn.

How to Get More Views on LinkedIn Posts

With the latest LinkedIn updates, your followers are more likely to see your posts. This means the emphasis is on sharing knowledge and advice relevant to your connections. LinkedInn wants to put your content in front of more of your followers – make it easy for the algorithm by making your content relevant, informative, and on-topic!

Increase Your Reach and Get More Followers

If your posts are rich in expertise and offer valuable insights, they have the potential to reach beyond your immediate network, helping you win new followers and make new connections on the platform.

It’s probably why carousel posts are being more and more popular. I can’t log onto LinkedIn without seeing several! And that’s okay because I learn a lot from them.

(How to Upload a LinkedIn Carousel Post Correctly)

So, how exactly does the algorithm work and how can you signal your content is good content? Let’s take a look:

LinkedIn Growth Metrics: Top 3 Signals

Three key metrics form the basis of LinkedIn’s algorithmic changes:

  • Content Relevance: The more relevant your post is to a distinct audience, the better its chances of being amplified.
  • Expertise: LinkedIn’s algorithm now considers whether you’re an authority on the topic you’re posting about.
  • Meaningful Engagement: The algorithm also values meaningful comments and in-depth discussions on posts.
This image is about the 2023 LinkedIn algorithm update and says "This is what LinkedIn thinks you're an authority in" and highlights a screenshot of the LInkedIn profile feature "Talks about: (5 topics)"

The Biggest Mistake for Boosting Engagement

One of the common mistakes on LinkedIn is commenting on every post for the sake of engagement. This latest LinkedIn algorithm update is explicitly tackling the meaningless comments problem. Instead, comments that add insight and experience will be prioritized and interpreted as a positive signal about the original post. This means quality over quantity should be your new engagement goal.

This also means that if you want to support a good post on LinkedIn, try to comment something more meaningful than “Great Post!” If you’re not sure what to add to the conversation, a like and a save are great positive signals for the algorithm!

LinkedIn Tips That Actually Work in 2023

Even with the algorithm changes, some growth hacks still work (and they seem like common sense!).

Make these habits part of your LinkedIn engagement strategy and you’re sure to see growth:

  • Creating and sharing content that’s relevant to and resonates with your target audience.
  • Engaging meaningfully, not just for the sake of engagement.
  • Regularly updating your profile with relevant professional details so the algorithm knows your core areas of expertise.

Remember, the new LinkedIn isn’t about going viral; it’s about being a valuable, knowledgeable participant in your professional community. By adapting to these changes, you can optimize your LinkedIn strategy for success in 2023 and beyond.

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