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The Google Perspectives Tab feature update is a new way to rank in SERPs

How to Use and Rank in the Google Perspectives tab

Have you noticed the Google Perspectives tab yet? I was excited to see this new feature not just as a user that likes to get answers from platforms like Reddit and TikTok, but also because it’s a huge indexing and ranking opportunity for social media content. The Perspectives tab feature combines rich media and text to offer users a more dynamic and experiential search result listing. Perspectives offers a new avenue for hybrid SEO and Social Media marketing – let’s go over everything you need to know!

What is the Google Perspectives filter?

Google Perspectives, available on mobile web and the Google app, is designed to enhance user experience by showcasing diverse discussion forums and social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, and Quora. It is a testament to the increasing focus of search engines on user experience rather than just raw, informational content.

The platform hosts a variety of content types, from text and media posts by single authors to content from groups of authors. As such, Perspectives presents an opportunity for you to have your content indexed, even if it doesn’t live on a website.

The Perspectives filter is a timely update in light of recent Reddit blackouts. According to a CNBC report, Google acknowledged these blackouts have impacted Google’s user search experience, and prompted Google to develop features like Perspectives that present a wider range of content sources.

How to Access Google Perspectives:

Accessing Google Perspectives is straightforward; it’s currently available on mobile SERPs and in the Google App. You’ll see the filter pop up as an option after making a search query, like this:

where to find the Google Perspectives tab

How to Rank in Google Perspectives:

If you want to index and rank in Google’s Perspectives tab to gain visibility and boost your impressions, here are some strategies to get started:

  1. Use Alt Text: Alt text improves the accessibility of your content and helps search engines understand the content of the images. Make sure to use alt text for images on your social media platforms.
  2. Keyword Usage: Incorporating keywords into your posts and captions will make it clear what your post is about, enhancing its discoverability. Remember, the keyword usage should be natural and relevant.
  3. Use First-Person Language: Google’s Perspective tab prioritizes content from individuals sharing their experiences and insights. Therefore, using first-person language will signal to the algorithm that your content is a first-hand account or personal perspective.
  4. Share Authentic Content: Share what you know, do, and like. The less generic and more authentic your content is, the better it will perform on Perspectives. This means that content about your unique experiences, insights, or expertise is more likely to gain traction.
  5. Use Consistent Usernames Across Channels: It’s easier for Google to recognize and associate your content across different platforms if you use the same username. This consistency can also help users find more of your content and recognize you the next time they see you – no matter where they see you.
  6. Leverage Visual Content: Google Perspectives tends to favor rich media, so utilizing images and videos in your content can help you rank better. Don’t forget to optimize your media files with appropriate tags and descriptions.
  7. Use Clear, Concise Titles and Descriptions: Make sure the titles and descriptions of your posts are clear, concise, and keyword-optimized. They should quickly inform both Google and users what your content is about.
  8. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, ask questions, and create a community around your content. High engagement levels can signal to Google that your content is valuable to users. It can also inspire users that click through to your content to engage and connect to see future content.

I encourage you to embrace a hybrid marketing approach and start using SEO best practices as you create content for social media. To show that it works (and is SO easy, I didn’t go out of my way for this!), I covered some of my ranking appearances in Google Perspectives in this Facebook Post:

What platforms and sites appear in the Perspectives tab?

Google Perspectives pulls in content from many platforms, aiming to give users a variety of viewpoints and formats to learn from. Here are the main platforms you’ll see in Perspectives:

  1. YouTube: You’ll see lots of video content from YouTube, from personal vlogs to professional how-to videos and more.
  2. Reddit: Despite its occasional blackouts, Reddit remains a significant source of user-generated content. Google Perspectives features posts and comments from Reddit, offering a conversational learning experience from people sharing firsthand insights, experience, and support.
  3. Quora: Known for its Q&A format, Quora content is frequently featured in Perspectives. It allows users to access detailed answers and discussions on various subjects from experts and enthusiasts.
  4. TikTok: Short-form video content from TikTok also appears in Perspectives, showing how these bite-sized videos are increasingly important in today’s information flow. Personally, I love being able to search for TikToks with Google as opposed to using TikToks in-platform search.
  5. Discussion Boards and Forums: Google Perspectives also sources content from various other discussion boards and forums, including niche-specific ones. These platforms often host in-depth discussions and unique viewpoints that can offer valuable insights to users. Sometimes, the answers you need aren’t in a blog – they’re in places like this.

While these platforms are commonly shown in Google’s Perspectives filter, my list is not exhaustive. Google’s continuous evolution means that we may see content from other social platforms and forums included in the Perspectives filter in the future. I’ll do my best to keep posting updates! The best place to see them is to follow me on my Facebook or my Instagram.

The diversity of platforms within Google Perspectives underscores the growing importance of a hybrid content strategy. By creating authentic, engaging content across various platforms, you increase the chances of your content being featured in Google Perspectives, and consequently, reaching a wider audience. You’ll also be building a stronger bridge between your website efforts and social media popularity the more you grow on any given platform.

The Future of Google Perspectives:

As Google continues to revolutionize its search capabilities with AI, the focus is increasingly shifting towards connecting users with first-hand perspectives. Google is also adjusting its ranking algorithms to place a greater emphasis on content with unique expertise and experience (E.E.A.T., anyone?!) highlighting the importance of producing authentic content.

As Google’s development team works to shine a light on content created from a personal or expert point of view, we need to grow and evolve as content creators.

Closing Thoughts

Google Perspectives is a great feature whether you’re searching or trying to get discovered in Google search. Your social media content can now reach more people using Google search for ideas and information. With a focus on authenticity, first-hand experiences, and strategic keyword usage, you can increase your chances of indexing and ranking.

As always, I hope this helps you embrace the hybrid SEO and Social Media Marketing approach!

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